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From the fall of the Wall until the present day, electronic music and its scene full of alternative-thinkers and creatives have thrived in this urban landscape. The abandoned industrial units that once supplied the East have long been liberated. They live on, transformed into inconspicuous dance meccas shielded away from the day walkers.

Berghain, Club de Visionaere, Sisyphos, Tresor and Watergate - we couldn’t begin to namecheck them all. Here, an ecosystem of clubbers, artists and promoters adopt counter-culture. Given Junction 2’s core sound, it is only natural that artists from Berlin have formed much of our identity.

Junction 2 Connections: Berlin

For Junction 2: Connections, we stream from one of the most striking features of the city’s skyline; the TV Tower. It’s sleek spire and domed summit give it an air of futurism. It would not be out of place in a sci-fi movie. The esoteric parallels between techno music and science fiction are not lost on us. So for the Berlin leg, instead of hiding our artists and our culture away out of sight and mind, we will elevate them on a platform overlooking the city at 350m. From this pedestal, our five chosen artists will perform over the city that has helped mould their career.

Berlin lays claim to producing a lineage of international underground talent - many of whom have gone on to become J2 alumni. Favourites such as Innervisions mastermind Dixon, the photonic Ben Klock and Germanic warrior Rødhåd have all been guests of honour. Rightfully, all three heavyweights have been invited to represent their city at Junction 2: Connections.

Joining this illustrious line-up is a pair of trailblazers from North and South America, who have each relocated to Berlin. Record label owner and lover of dark disco grooves, Terr is our first, while the provocative and explicit LSDXOXO completes the bill.