Junction 2 Top 5 Lockdown Streams

20th November 2020

In this week’s countdown we are looking back at our favourite lockdown streams from the artists set for Junction 2 2021.

Live streams are not exactly new but with the world largely at a standstill they have taken on a whole new lease of life over recent months. Whether filmed at striking and unique locations, or the comfort of one’s bedroom, redesigned with bespoke visuals or presented raw and off-the cuff, streaming has been reinvented as the go to way for watching live performances.

A-list DJs who would be barely visible through the densely packed crowds are now soundtracking our evenings, crisp and clear through our screens as we work up a sweat on our makeshift dancefloors. Of course, there is no replacing the chest presence of a thumping sound system, the random toilet conversation or the ending chant of ‘one more tune.’ However the live stream format has allowed for millions of party-goers to unite over a shared experience unbound by geographical location, age or capacity restrictions and there is definitely something still very special about that.

Here are our top 5 favourite lockdown streams.


Junction 2 2021 artists: Top 5 Lockdown Streams


5. Dr. Rubinstein - Quarantine FM #3

Released: 20th May

One of the most entertaining live streams to stem out of the lockdown period has definitely been Dr. Rubsintein’s Quarantine FM series. Inviting top artists week-in-week-out for a friendly chat and mix in her living room, the Berlin based heavyweight has taken over the internet with her uplifting energy. With so many top mixes to choose from it’s hard to single one out, but her solo outing at #3 is pure rave mischief.




4. Eris Drew & Octo Octa - Forest Throwdown

Released: 28th March

Dance music’s ultimate power couple, Eris Drew and Octo Octa took us out into the open for a lockdown throwdown to remember. From unparalleled rhythmic scratching to long blends and hard cuts, the infectious T4T LUV NRG duo had their full skills on display as they channeled the spirits of the forest for a wild and wonderful trip into psychedelic dancefloor bliss. A truly healing mix of mind-warping breaks, body moving funk and soul infused house. We cannot wait for their B2B outing with us next summer.




3. Ben Klock - Photon Livestream

Released: 30th July

One of the pillars of techno, Ben Klock took his coveted Photon party series online with a striking visual live stream from the desolate empty space of Motorwek in Berlin. Delivering an hour of flawless piledriving minimal while the extraterrestrial-like pinpoint beams scanned the dancefloor, the eerie dystopian aesthetic provided the perfect setting for the Klockworks boss to weave his magic. Thoroughly recommend to close the blinds, shut the lights and whack this on full screen and high volume.




2. Nina Kraviz - J2v Virtual Festival Stream

Released: 11th July

Back in July, we hosted our own escape into the digital realm with our first ever virtual festival, J2v. Over 3.2 million of you tuned in to watch 33 artists live streamed continuously across 4 stages inside our custom built world. The pick of a day that was filled with unforgettable moments came by way of Nina Kraviz who delivered a stunning set to close out The Vault stage. An expertly curated sonic tale of intimate stripped back grooves and industrial, pounding and rapid-fire techno, proved to be one of the best sets we’ve witnessed from the longstanding Junction 2 favourite. Plans for our next Junction 2 virtual event are moving full steam ahead, so keep an eye out for a huge announcement coming soon.




1. Four Tet - Boiler Room Stream

Released: 3rd April

Stealing the show with a one-shot take from the depths of the woodlands, to the corner upstairs bedroom of his isolated cabin and beyond, Four Tet just does things differently. Taking us on a journey both literally and figuratively, Kieran Hebden provided the perfect dose of early lockdown escapism as he drifted seamlessly through the nature induced sounds of his modular to the barrage of unreleased edits and club ready stonkers on his decks. A dazzling stream from one of the all time greats, we have no doubt he’ll have something special planned for his Junction 2 debut next year.