Junction 2 Top 5 Lockdown Singles

28th October 2020

Over the last 6 months we’ve seen some incredible new music released by the artists set to appear at Junction 2 next year. While albums and EPs tend to be a culminating showcase of an artist's vision, stretching many different moods, styles and purposes, singles have a much clearer and direct purpose - to get the dopamine levels rushing. Whether standalone slammers or part of a bigger picture, they are the candy to our ears, the ticket to our heart and the showpiece of a set. Continuing the countdown of our favourite lockdown ongoings, this week we take a look at the top 5 singles from your Junction 2 2021 artists.


Junction 2 2021 artists: Top 5 Lockdown Singles


5. Marcel Dettmann ‘G4’ 

Released: 26th July

A longstanding pillar of the underground and part of the furniture at Berghain, Marcel Dettmann opened up new horizons when he burst onto the scene in the ‘90s with an unconventional, stripped back, textural blend of modern techno and twisted industrial EBM. He continues to set trends to this day. Landing on virtual club, Club Quarantäne’s V/A release in July, which also features upcoming Junction 2 debutant Adiel, Marcel delivered a potent, hypnotic, deep-driven chugger that we’ve come to expect from the German maestro.




4. Romy ‘Lifetime’

Released: 29th September

In a year full of surprises, it’s fair to say Romy blew us all out of the water with her debut solo release, ‘Lifetime’. Recorded at the peak of lockdown, the mesmerising single is a fusion of glistening leftfield pop and ‘90s inspired eurodance nostalgia that pulls at the heartstrings with an uplifting message of togetherness sung by the silky-smooth voice of The XX. A much needed reminder after the testing times of the last few months, and tailor made for the big, climatic festival moment. Something tells us we’ll be hugging it out and belting our hearts out to this one at Junction 2 2021.




3. Mind Against ‘Above It All’

Released: 3rd April

In a period where all of our strengths have been tested, it’s been refreshing to see artists pull together to help support their local communities. In a bid to raise money for the Coronavirus medical relief fund of one of Italy’s worst hit regions, Mind Against contributed this stunning single to a 31-track compilation album, ‘Unity’, curated by Tale Of Us. Kicking off like a distant ray of sunshine peeking through unsettled clouds, the melody soon calms the nerves and warms the soul as it gently eases into the foreground, lighting up the sonic horizon with welcomed otherworldly bliss. A powerful metaphor of a brighter future ahead from this magnificent duo.




2. Honey Dijon ‘La Femme Fantastique’

Released: 7th August

Gearing up for one of the most anticipated releases of the year, Chicago-house queen and fashion icon, Honey Dijon, has delivered two steamy singles from her forthcoming album ‘Black Girl Magic’. Teaming up with emerging Atlanta singer/songwriter Hadiya George for an R&B inspired glossy house cut on ‘Not About You’, the second single ‘Le Femme Fantastique’ sees Honey Dijon enlist London-based artist, Josh Caffee, for an unapologetically raunchy, industrial-edged, genre-bending bombshell. A sure-fire hit that guarantees dancefloor mischief.




1. Fatima Yamaha ‘Day We Met’

Released: 25th September

Clinching the top spot of the lockdown singles is the return of one of electronic music's most beloved, enigmatic and outstanding producers, Fatima Yamaha. Having taken a back seat for the last 2 years after catapulting into the limelight with the re-issue of ‘What’s a Girl to Do’, Fatima Yamaha is back with the first single from his long-awaited new full length album, ‘Spontaneous Order’. A vocoded cosmic disco-funk fusion that sees the DX7 magician dive in for a nostalgic dip into the ‘80s to bring forth a joyous, timeless classic. Expect some fabled Fatima Yamaha riffs on this one at his live show at Junction 2 next summer.