Junction 2 Top 5 Lockdown Mixes

13th November 2020

This week we are counting down the top 5 lockdown mixes from the artists set to appear at Junction 2 next year.

A projection of one's self through the music medium, there is something intrinsically pure and deep about the art of mixing. While some spend a lifetime digging through lost crates in search for the perfect record to add to their timeless collection, others pride themselves on being ahead of the curve with exclusive dubplates and pre-releases from upcoming regional scenes. The possibilities for expression are endless and often guided by the environment in which they are recorded. The energy bounce of a live set is often irreplaceable, but the intricately woven lonesome mix allows for artists to explore depths beyond the influence of a crowd's expectations. Whether geared towards the dancefloor or an intimate escape into a distant sonic world, the mix provides a sneak peak into an artist’s current creative headspace, influences and more. Here are our favourites from the last few months.


Junction 2 2021 artists: Top 5 Lockdown Mixes


5. Willow - Blitz Radio Mix

Released: 9th May

Bursting onto the scene in 2015 after a demo sent to Move D found its way onto his fabric promo mix, Willow has had an intriguingly enigmatic yet busy career ever since. A packed touring schedule but a relatively low digital profile has somewhat of an old school feel to Willow's rise. Garnering a reputation as a top selector more so through word of mouth than a bombarding online presence, the rarity of her uploads continues to add to the allure of the Manchester-born artist. An appearance on Blitz Radio back in May saw Willow flex her fabled collection with a shelling of heavy minimal, floating electro and sizzling acid.


Willow · Willow - Blitz take over - Radio80k.de



4. Samuel Deep - RA Mix

Released: 4th May

An artist not rooted by genre limitations, trends or expectations, just a focus on delivering no-nonsense, stripped back, feel-good grooves. For the uninitiated, Samuel Deep is the face of SlapFunk, an infamous party crew and label from Utrecht, Netherlands. Having carved out a unique niche in the Dutch scene, the wax maestro comfortably sits among the top tastemakers today. Summoning pure dancefloor energy, Samuel took us for a spin of weighty dubs, vintage speed garage and funk-laced house goodness for one of the best Resident Advisor mixes in recent memory. We can’t wait to hear what he has in store for his debut at Junction 2.


Resident Advisor · RA.727 Samuel Deep



3. Amelie Lens - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Released: 4th April

Belgian techno rocket, Amelie Lens has had a meteoric rise over the last 5 years and it culminated into a mammoth 4 hour BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix back in April. Unloading a non step frenzy of floor rattling, mind warping rave synth euphoria for the touted series, the Exhale boss reminded us once more who is the queen of heavy hitting techno. If her 2019 Junction 2 set in the Warehouse is anything to go by, 2021 is going to be another sweaty barn burner.


RO · Amelie Lens - Essential Mix 2020 (BBC Radio1) - 04-04-2020



2. Joy Orbison - Wooly Window Sessions Mix

Released: 27th May

One of the more elusive figures of the UK’s underground scene, Joy Orbison dusted off his old collection to offload some lockdown steam with a nostalgic salute to his musical roots. A timeless traverse through swinging garage, wubby 2-step and dreamy soulful house, this one provided the perfect pick-me-up back in May. Some good company and a bit of UKG in the sunshine? Yes, please! We hope Joy O brings some of these out next summer.


Joy Orbison · wooly window sessions part wun - UKG 4/4 +++



1. Avalon Emerson - DJ Kicks Mix

Released: 18th September

In the last few years we’ve seen Avalon Emerson blossom from a rising star to a true heavyweight. A reputation built on technical skill, bespoke track edits, free-flowing fluidity, the unexpected and a command of the dancefloor that very few have been able to achieve. It was inevitable before she joined the list of legends on the esteemed DJ Kicks mix series. An enchanting drift into a land of chugging synth-pop, cosmic oddities, and potent breaks, the Junction 2 weekend resident dug deep into her bag of tricks to deliver a mix for the ages. We’ll be replaying this one for a while...