Junction 2 Top 5 Lockdown EPs

21st October 2020

With the momentous 5th edition of Junction 2 set to take place next June, we are thrilled to bring to life over two years of planning for our most special outing to date. As the clock continues to countdown the days, we take a look back at what some of the Junction 2 2021 acts have been up to during the lockdown with a countdown of our favourite mixes, releases, streams and more. First up are the top 5 EPs.


Junction 2 2021 artists: Top 5 Lockdown EPs


5. Roza Terenzi ‘Modern Bliss’ 

Released: 17th April

Melbourne-based Roza Terenzi made her long awaited album debut with a 9 track celestial odyssey on D. Tiffany’s Planet Euphorique. Filled with highlights like the chugging percussive hypnosis of ‘Jungle In The City’, lush cosmic house euphoria of ‘Modern Bliss’ and jacking peak time mischief by way of ‘That Track’, the album delivers on all fronts for a very impressive first LP from the Ozzie on the rise.




4. Adam Beyer ‘No Defeat No Retreat’

Released: 4th September

Back with his first solo EP in 5 years, Drumcode kingpin, Adam Beyer, sets pace once again with a euphoric bridge between the old and the new by way of ‘No Defeat No Retreat’. The dazzling lockdown two-tracker kicks off with ‘Park People’, an ecstasy emitting blend of ‘80s new wave synth bliss and raw rave energy that catapults the listener right into the heart of a fabled after-hours Beyer voyage. Providing a contrasting followup on the B side, the title track channels all of the emotions of an epic night into the ultimate closer with a drifting, psychedelic, vocal-led thriller. A triumphant return that yearns for the big stage.




3. Carlota ‘The Bow’

Released: 31st July

Embedded in the Balearic music scene and club culture of Ibiza from an early age, composer, sound engineer and live performer, Carlota, showed off a hugely impressive sonic palette with her debut release on Nina Kraviz’s трип imprint back in 2018 and she continues to break new ground with her first solo EP, ‘The Bow’. Released in July, the 6 tracker is a stunning melancholy escape into a weird and hazy world of twisted modular basslines, dim-lit dreamy pads and strange distant memories evoked by intimate background whispers. A distinctly unique body of work that has elevated Carlota among the elite modern contemporaries.




2. Pearson Sound ‘Alien Mode’

Released: 3rd July

After an unusually prolonged period of inactivity on the production front, Pearson Sound returned to Hessle Audio for the first time in 5 years to reclaim the crown as the leading face of genre-bending, forward thinking UK club music. Delivering 3 dancefloor orientated firecrackers, the EP opens up like a battering ram from outer space with the warping breakbeat slammer of ‘Alien Mode’ before rocketing up to 155bpm for a growling, percussive, shuffled flip of Wonder Man by Adewale Ayuba on ‘Cobwebs’. Rounding off the EP and floating us back to reality is the luminous, mellow, airy parachute of ‘Everything Is Inside Out,’ which draws influence from ‘90s IDM with glistening arpeggios and spiraling synth lines. Fitting for sweaty basement rooms as well as big festival stages, feels like this EP will be doing the rounds for a very long time. 




1. Robert Hood ‘The Struggle/Save The Children EP’

Released: 14th August

Taking the number one spot of our lockdown EPs is Detroit techno icon, minimal pioneer, ordained minister and just a gift that keeps on giving, Robert Hood. Responsible for some of our scene’s most celebrated tracks over the last 3 decades, his latest EP, The Struggle / Save The Children, is one of the most impactful and represents a politically charged call to action. ‘The Struggle’ fuses a speech by Tamika Mallory, made in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, with an intense pulsating acid lead to deliver a powerful message of a deseperate need for change. The father-daughter linkup on ‘Save The Children’ continues to ring the alarm bells with another strong rhetoric about our future, although this time wrapped in a joyous, spiritual, funk-ridden underlayer for a timeless, modern classic.